Monday, November 10, 2008

On the Menu tonight - Thai...

Brianna is cooking tonight - which means the nice clean kitchen will once again be a mess ;-) But that's ok. She wanted Thai - and so this is a mostly shipped into the grocery store kind of menu.
Her recipe is from Jamie Oliver - and it is a Thai chicken served over Thai rice noodles. There are some local ingredients such as:
Chicken breast from the farmers market
Chinese Cabbage from Spoutwood Farm
Garlic that we grew
Cilantro from the garden. It's still hanging on!

The non-local ingredients were olive oil, tamari, chicken broth (of which I ran out of home ade), limes, ginger and the rice noodles.

I have been shocked at the price of food lately. I don't know if it is because I am watching expenditures so closely - or if it has really gone up. I brought home 3 bags of groceries for $97! And upon examining the receipt can only gather that it is because I stocked up on broths, oils, sauces for the pantry and got deli meats that the kids have been asking for. Other than that I can't seem to see what the big expenditures were. One of my goals is to become more self-sufficient in this area. The more food I can grow the better off we can be economically.

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