Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome to the Bacwoodz Garden

I have always loved gardening and grew up in a gardening family. My parents composted and grew a big vegetable garden every year. As I grew up and got my own place - which happened to have blueberries and peach trees, I began planting and growing my own food. I have since moved several times - but with each move created a vegetable garden and have progressed with learning how to can and preserve my own food. I have always gardened organically and am not always good at weeding and keeping a neat looking patch - but we have yet to have a year where we get a good amount of homegrown food.

Now that I am living in south central PA, where there are many small farms and local farmers markets - I have taken to eating as local as possible. I have met some really neat people who have introduced me to raw milk, organic, free-range meats and eggs and "veggies so fresh they almost dance!" - from Spoutwood Farm CSA. With each endeavor, I have learned more than I knew last year.

I wanted to write this blog to specifically follow our local eating and home grown efforts. With only a 1/4 acre lot I am constantly wishing for more growing space - and would love to have chickens and maybe a milking goat. However, in working with what I have I am finding that each year I learn new skills and become a little more self-sufficient.

I am also participating in Urban Dark Days Challenge 08-09. With the exception of coffee, bananas, pineapple and avocados - which I don't think I can live without - I plan to make most of our meals with local ingredients. Should be a fun challenge!

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Karen said...

Hi, great blog so far.

We were in Gettysburg from 3/07 thru 11/07 working at a campground there. We loved that there was so much fresh food available there direct from the farmer. We bought our eggs at Weikert's egg farm, and got our fruits and veggies from the many stands on the road sides. I love being in Arizona but really do miss the farm fresh food.